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A New Year’s Revelation

It’s the start of a new year. There are lots of people jogging (everywhere, all the time), because it’s that… Continue reading »

I’m Recruiting: Could You Be My Mentor?

I wish I had a mentor. I can’t really explain why, but I think that it has something to do… Continue reading »

The Blog Post I Never Posted (and other stories)…

Before you go wondering whether I’ve fallen off the edge of the planet (again), allow me to reel off some… Continue reading »

Why my attempts at being confident make me feel like a knobhead

I’ve become convinced that my crippling lack of confidence is becoming a bit of a hindrance.  You wouldn’t believe how… Continue reading »

Dealing with shit

As someone who might be classed as catastrophically disorganised, I have to make a conscious effort to put various systems… Continue reading »

How Blogging and Apple Crumbles are the Same (but not really)…

Recently, I’ve been feeling like a total charlatan with this blog. I call myself a blogger, I tell people I… Continue reading »

Just be better. Way better. At EVERYTHING.

  ‘Why am I not a much better person?’ This has to be the most frequently asked question that my… Continue reading »