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It’s Never Too Late to Surprise Yourself.

In my previous post I talked about the ways in which I I might try to move forward with my… Continue reading »

I’m Recruiting: Could You Be My Mentor?

I wish I had a mentor. I can’t really explain why, but I think that it has something to do… Continue reading »

And Then I Ate a Snickers Bar…

This isn’t really a blog post, this is just a confession of my recent weird behaviour. So, I don’t really… Continue reading »

Dancing in the Moonlight…

Here’s something that probably won’t surprise you. I don’t deal with stress well. I have never been able to deal… Continue reading »

Me and Smoking Guy

As I might have already mentioned (several billion times), these days I’m spending an awful lot of time sitting alone… Continue reading »

How Blogging and Apple Crumbles are the Same (but not really)…

Recently, I’ve been feeling like a total charlatan with this blog. I call myself a blogger, I tell people I… Continue reading »

How TV Ruined My Life…

It’s coming up to three weeks since I last wrote a blog post, and I should warn you that by… Continue reading »