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A New Year’s Revelation

It’s the start of a new year. There are lots of people jogging (everywhere, all the time), because it’s that… Continue reading »

Because Amazon is trying to humiliate me…

If Amazon were a person, you would never introduce Amazon to your friends. Why? Because Amazon would embarrass you. Amazon… Continue reading »

Just be better. Way better. At EVERYTHING.

  ‘Why am I not a much better person?’ This has to be the most frequently asked question that my… Continue reading »

And then from nowhere, you feel like smashing things…

This isn’t quite the sneaky hate spiral, the one which Allie Brosh describes so brilliantly on Hyperbole and a Half…. Continue reading »

Because creative guardians don’t exist, and because your friends will destroy you

So, I’m sorry I’ve been so absent for a while. I decided to concentrate all my efforts on finally finishing… Continue reading »

My phone thinks that I keep trying to look at porn…

I’ve accidentally, nearly looked at porn, on my phone, in public, twice in the last week. Firstly, let me point… Continue reading »

Technically, I could have written six novels by now, and be working for Microsoft…

  In my head, I write all the time. In my mind there is an endless sprawl of potentially award-winning… Continue reading »