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30 Before 30: #1 Register with the Anthony Nolan trust

I thought I should give an update as to where I am with my 30 Before 30 list because I’ve… Continue reading »

30 Things to do before I’m 30

This blog post has been in the works for quite a while (about 4 months). I’ve come close to posting… Continue reading »

How Compliments Make Me Feel Awkward (and how I keep thinking my brain operates like Windows)…

This isn’t a real post, it’s half a post. It’s another one I redrafted several times, but I kept lapsing… Continue reading »

Why my attempts at being confident make me feel like a knobhead

I’ve become convinced that my crippling lack of confidence is becoming a bit of a hindrance.  You wouldn’t believe how… Continue reading »

Stop SOPA and PIPA

I know, SOPA and PIPA sound like dog names – which is confusing because today, people all over the internet… Continue reading »

And then from nowhere, you feel like smashing things…

This isn’t quite the sneaky hate spiral, the one which Allie Brosh describes so brilliantly on Hyperbole and a Half…. Continue reading »

How TV Ruined My Life…

It’s coming up to three weeks since I last wrote a blog post, and I should warn you that by… Continue reading »