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30 Things to do before I’m 30

This blog post has been in the works for quite a while (about 4 months). I’ve come close to posting… Continue reading »

And then from nowhere, you feel like smashing things…

This isn’t quite the sneaky hate spiral, the one which Allie Brosh describes so brilliantly on Hyperbole and a Half…. Continue reading »

Animals are trying to kill me…

Specifically vermin. Vermin are most definitely trying to kill me, and not just in the spreading lies the plague disease… Continue reading »

Internet! I’m back, and I’m caffeine free… Sort of.

You’ve probably forgotten that I exist by now, so if you’re reading this then congratulations – you’re probably the only… Continue reading »

UPDATED: Sometimes being mad can be nothing more than inconvenient: Dear Neuroses, stay away, I’m busy.

I know I always go on about being a bit mentally unstable and all that, and aside from the time… Continue reading »